Geometric Artwork

Framed poster of Op art in the style of Josef Albers, Johannes Itten or Victor Vasarely. The size of this piece is 29"x29" and the media is offset lithograph on cardboard. It's an experimentation in color. These photos do not do it justice. Our price is $275.

"Untitled" by Eugene Skerman (1987)

It's media is copper foil and pigment  24"x18". Currently valued at $1,900, our price is $1,000.


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"Mola" means blouse and a Cuna woman always makes a pair with related, though not identical, themes which she then wears one to form the back and the other to form the front of her blouse.  Although they vary somewhat in size they usually measure 16 x 13 inches each.  Molas are wonderful brightly colored artistic expressions that have been designed and handmade by Cuna (or Kuna) Indians for generations and continue even today.  They consist of a number of different colored pieces of cloth laid one on top of the other ingeniously forming primitive designs of natural and mythological figures or geometric concepts.  The layers are sewn together with incredibly small and perfect stitches. Because of their demand the the low quantity production due to their lengthy elaboration process, Molas usually double their price every 12 - 15 years. These two pieces were originally purchased in 1963 from the Herman Miller showroom in Newport Beach, CA.  Their selling price at the time was $30/each. The "Dinosaurs" was originally displayed in the window at the Showroom and has some fading. This is still a good piece, because pastel colors are prized and additionally, it shows the age of the artwork, verifying that it is, in fact, a vintage Mola.  Mounted and unframed ~ $95.00. The "Two Birds" is in excellent condition and has held it's original colors beautifully.  Also a vintage Mola, and a lovely example of the art form.  Mounted and unframed ~ $120.00

Geometric Artwork

Framed poster of Op art in the style of Jean Arp or Sophie Tauber-Arp. Media is offset lithograph on cardboard. The size of the piece is 29"x29". Our price is $275.

"Untitled" by Kratchya

Framed serigraph on paper circa mid 1900's, in good condition, 8/60. Appraised at $600, our price is $375.

'A Breezy Day in the Mediterranean' by Arthur Harris (1903)

Oil on canvas 20"x"30" currently valued at $5,000, our price is $2,700.

"Chief" by William Hardy (1975)

Parts 1 and 2 acrylic on canvas 31"x36.6" each canvas. Currently valued at $2,500, our price with new frame $1,400.